When Harry Met Meghan…

By Cheryl Mattox Berry

I’ve never been enamored of the British royal family, so I wasn’t one of the wedding watchers. Still, I couldn’t escape the hoopla over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s union. There was news about the royal nuptials everywhere I went or looked Saturday from the moment I woke up.

From the celebrity guests to what they wore to the fairytale carriage ride, I feel like I was at the wedding. To me, the story wasn’t about all the pomp and circumstance but how these two people – both in their mid-thirties – met, fell in love and tied the knot.

Who would’ve thought that a biracial, American actress working in Canada and a prince who lives in London would even cross paths? Have anything in common? Or even like each other?

Fate, serendipity, kismet or whatever you want to call it brought them together. Think about it. Prince Harry didn’t ask any of the fair maidens he dated to be his wife, and Meghan had been divorced for three years before they locked eyes. It’s like they were waiting to find each other.

I’m one of those hopeless romantics who believes there is someone for everyone. I tell single women about my two, never-married girlfriends who had given up on love. One got married at age 45 and the other as she approached 50.

To borrow a phrase from actress Jane Seymour, who also designs jewelry, “If your heart is open, love will always find its way in.” Just don’t expect it to find you if all you do is sit on the sofa and watch Netflix. Put yourself out there. Let your friends know that you’re looking and what you’re looking for. Try online dating if that’s your thing.

Whatever you do, please don’t lower your standards. Women often get desperate and settle on a man who they wouldn’t have given the time of day when they were younger. After the wedding, reality sets in and divorce often follows. A man will show you exactly who he is when you’re dating him, so believe what you see.

If he’s not everything you’re looking for, walk away. The goal is to get married, not be in a miserable relationship. Keep in mind what happened when Harry met Meghan. She became the Duchess of Sussex.

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