Don’t Believe Everything You Read

By Cheryl Mattox Berry

SMH at the stupid conversations people allow themselves be sucked into every day. I spend quite a bit of time on the internet, researching ideas and topics. It amazes me that so many people believe everything they read.

Their comments are hilarious, sad, unbelievable and downright ignorant. Some people have lost their ability to determine the difference between real and fake. When did this happen? Did common sense go out of style? Don’t some of these stories sound a little whacky? Too contrived?

Internet users are being played by spin doctors and social media pros. They know how to grab your attention and make you a believer. Society has become one giant pawn in the social media game. For example:

Fake News for Real

PR people stay up late at night thinking of ways to keep their clients in the spotlight. They create fake beef between celebs, start rumors and do just about anything that will get more hits on a website.

Photoshopped Pictures

Celebs want to look good, but they’re like the rest of us. They eat and drink too much, don’t work out and gain weight. Awww, but when you see them looking lean and wearing skippy outfits in a photo, their shape is perfect. Beyonce, the Kardashian clan and a whole slew of celebs are guilty of doctoring pictures to hide problem areas, like thick thighs, fat knees and cellulite.

And don’t forget that flawless complexion. How can so many women have beautiful skin? And why do so many black women look lighter in photos and darker in person? It’s trickery, ladies.

Unreal Reality TV

Why do you comment on the made-up drama happening on reality TV? Would you post your thoughts about a soap opera episode? You know the soaps are for entertainment purposes only. So are all these housewives franchises. Get your life.

And Finally…

I’m also tickled by people who are fuming over the security breach at Facebook, where users’ data was stolen by Cambridge Analytica. What’s even more troubling about Facebook is the company’s unwillingness to seek permission from users to collect and sell their data. Hmm, why do you think that is? There’s no telling what Mark Zuckerberg and crew do with our info. Facebook and other companies like it need to be regulated by federal laws because self-regulation isn’t working.

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