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By Cheryl Mattox Berry

Now That’s a Smart Mom

I’d like to commend the Lauderdale Lakes, Fla., mother who turned in her 14-year-old son after his photo was aired on TV as a suspect in the carjacking of an elderly woman.

It shows that mother had confidence that the police wouldn’t harm her son. I’m sure her gut told her that he might meet a worst fate if he stayed on the lam.┬áThat’s how moms used to handle kids who got into trouble with the law.

It’s called tough love.

It’s understandable that trust in law enforcement officials has eroded in recent years with the slayings of unarmed black men, but efforts are under way in many cities to retrain officers and regain public trust.

Truth is, we need law enforcement if we want our streets to remain safe. We can help by reporting criminal activity instead of turning a blind eye to it.

But For the Grace of God

Hope Hicks
Hope Hicks

Hope Hicks, the White House communications director, needs to thank Rob Porter’s ex-wives for giving her a heads-up. Porter, who is dating Hicks, resigned as Trump’s staff secretary after his two ex-wives accused him of physically abusing them.

Hicks, of course, doesn’t believe them, but she should know the stats. Men who are violent toward women continue to be that way unless they get professional help. If Porter hasn’t done that, you better believe HIcks will be his next punching bag.

Tell Your Daughters: Don’t Be Like Kylie

I’m glad Kylie Jenner hid her pregnancy. She’s no role model. She engages in unprotected sex and gets pregnant by a man she’s known a couple of months. That’s nothing to crow about on social media.

Girls, don’t try that at home. Jenner is rich and doesn’t have to worry about tracking down her baby daddy to get child support. She’ll be able to jump right back into her old life because she can afford to hire a 24-hour nanny.

In real life, young mothers end up living a life of drudgery, not the life of Kylie.

One thought on “Women Stuff”

  1. This article was so on point as usual. I truly hope young girls don’t fall for the “Keeping Up..” foolishness in any way.

    We have to support women like the mother who turned her son in to the police. He is young enough to lead a productive life with intervention.

    Publicly, Ms. Hicks supported Porter. She, however, has probably seen some signs of abuse. They may not be physical yet. She may have even bought into the myth, “he only does it because he loves me”.

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